At the Spine Institute, we offer our patients flexibility and comfort to be seen virtually and find state of the art procedures that work for them.



If you’ve been unable to find a minimally invasive spine surgeon in your area, we invite you to consider the Spine Institute of Marc A. Cohen. Doctor Cohen is a New Jersey spine surgeon, regarded as a leader in endoscopic spine surgery and minimally invasive micro spine surgery. These two procedures have grown as popular alternatives since they don’t require several weeks or months for a full recovery like traditional spinal fusion surgeries.

The outpatient nature of minimally invasive treatment means that those who fly into New Jersey do not have to concern themselves with an extended recovery time. Minimally invasive spine surgery – which can address many different types of conditions that cause back pain – is designed to minimize interfering with surrounding muscle tissue. Most patients walk out of the clinic the same day of the surgery. When necessary, Doctor Cohen also performs conventional spine surgery.

For our patients traveling from afar, we can help coordinate transportation arrangements and overnight accommodations. We have established relationships with many local hotels at affordable rates and offer free transportation to and from airports and hotel facilities. Our out-of-state patients must plan for a three day visit. Although advancements in spine surgery have streamlined the process, the surgeon will still require one day before the surgery for a comprehensive examination, and one day after the surgery for a follow up.


After any type of spine surgery, you should prevent avoidable stress on your spine – which can occur by sitting in an unnatural position, intensive physical activity, or excessive twisting. Make sure to plan for a comfortable trip if traveling home lasts several hours. If you are flying, consider the following tipst

1.Purchase a seat with extra legroom.

2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated


  • Pack a support pillow for the lower back.
  • Draw out a route where you can stop to stretch every hour.
  • Bring healthy snacks and water.
  • You should not be driving by yourself, have a partner drive the car for you.