Upcoming Advancements in 2017 for Back Surgery

Although 2016 has been big for technological advancements in spine surgery, the upcoming year is looking to deal even more improvements. These updates will benefit both surgeons and patients as back pain continues to be a common source of discomfort for Americans.

Outpatient Lateral Surgeries

The lateral approach for back surgeries is a relatively new development in the world of spinal surgery, but it shows promise for several standard conditions. In this surgical approach, although the doctor makes a smaller incision than in a typical spine procedure, he can put in a larger “cage,” which is a tool that allows for bone graft installation during a spinal fusion. Lateral surgeries are getting closer to imitating traditional spinal fusions without disrupting the back muscles, the latter being what causes the majority of postoperative pain.

Enhanced Visuals with Microscopes

In a procedure like a minimally invasive spine surgery, enhanced visualization through powerful microscopes can help doctors get a better idea of the surgical site. Getting access to a three-dimensional view means that patients don’t need to experience as much muscle division around the spine. Surgeons already experienced with these microscopes are beginning to write literature that makes these tools more teachable to doctors around the world.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Gaining More Traction

Although some doctors practice minimally invasive spine surgery for more than a decade, only now is it gaining recognition from the medical community as a whole. There is a heightened awareness among patients and surgeons about such procedures being a valid option in many cases, as short and long-term results are generally positive. More surgeons who are unfamiliar with the techniques are shadowing experienced surgeons who have been practicing minimally-invasive procedures for quite some time. A greater emphasis is placed on how to implement these procedures in cadaver labs for a hands-on approach. With less operating time, minimal muscle disruption, and faster recovery periods, it looks as if this surgical technique will prove itself as one to stay in 2017.

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