What is the MISS Tube Retractor Technique?

In just 20 years we have seen a surge of growth in the field of spine surgery with technological leaps expediting and simplifying procedures and minimizing pain. The tube retractor technique, in particular, is a surgical technique built specifically to compliment minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). Minimally invasive surgery is the process of treating the area known to be causing distress or pain without interfering with the surrounding muscle tissue.

Doctor Marc Cohen is a nationally recognized expert in minimally invasive spinal procedures. When you’re deciding what treatment is best for your back pain, how do you determine if the MISS Tube Retractor Technique is right for you, and how does it work?

Conditions The Tube Retractor Technique Treats

The tube retractor technique can treat several different conditions, and not all of them have to do specifically with back pain. These conditions, according to the United States National Library of Medicine, include lumbar and cervical stenosis, herniated discs, lumbar instability, synovial cysts, some intraspinal tumors, and trauma. Of course, many of these circumstances must be determined by a medical expert as they are primarily internal mechanical issues.

Advantages of the Tube Retractor Technique

The primary benefit of the tube retractor technique is the direct view it provides the surgeon of the operating area or field. While familiarity with human anatomy – specifically with spinal structure – is required for spinal surgeons, a large roadblock for minimally invasive techniques used to be figuring out how to view the small operation area. The tube is also flexible, allowing the practicing doctor to bend and change the direction of the instrument when needed.

Do You Need The Tube Retractor Technique?

Even if the tube retractor technique is minimally invasive, spine doctors do not recommend surgery until all other nonsurgical methods have been attempted. These options may be physical therapy, oral medication, or simple lifestyle changes like getting more sleep. The best way to find what procedure is best for you is to visit a professional who specializes in spinal conditions. If you are in the New Jersey area and looking to treat your back pain, contact one of the Spine Institute’s many locations to set an appointment.