Back Pain after a Car Accident

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Neck and back pain commonly occur after car accidents, and are frequent indicators of spinal injuries. Unfortunately, too many people don’t know that they have the right to make a claim through their auto insurance policies to get financial coverage for seeking treatment. Many patients also fail to select insurance policies with good coverage, opting for the most basic plans that are the least expensive. They are left hurt and in pain without knowing just how to handle the situation since they don’t think they can afford treatment. Too many people don’t understand that they are taking a big risk by opting for the least expensive insurance policy with the least amount of coverage to pay for medical treatments, and the least amount of room to recover compensation for damages from the careless drivers who caused the accidents. However, each state requires a specific minimum of medical payments coverage or personal injury protection from insurance policies.

It is possible you need treatment after suffering seemingly minor injuries as a result of a car accident. It is important that you familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage to be sure you can seek the treatment you may need. We can provide you with more information about back pain after a car accident and help you understand whether you and your family are covered when a car accident occurs.


Right after a car accident occurs, those without immediate injuries like bruises, cuts, or broken bones often come out in a bit of shock saying they feel OK. Their survival instincts have kicked in, the adrenaline is subsiding, and they are just relieved to be conscious and alive. A few days or even weeks can pass before they begin to experience pain that was caused by the impact, but because of the time that has passed they don’t think it has anything to do with the crash. So why does it take so long to start noticing signs of injury following a car accident?

The adrenaline that is released in your body when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, this “fight or flight” response, is a powerful painkiller that masks the immediate pains felt upon impact. Adrenaline is a hormone released by your adrenal glands so that you can escape or deter a dangerous situation and take care of your injuries later. It takes a while for it to wear off, and in some situations can take several days or weeks. After it wears off is when accident victims start to feel the physical impact of the car crash.

The areas most vulnerable to the effects of a car crash are the neck and spine. From slipped discs to compression fractures, spinal cord damage, whiplash, and more the types of back injuries you can attain as the result of an accident are nearly endless. Back injuries cause severe and debilitating pain that can keep you bedridden. More severe injuries can even leave you paralyzed. You are always encouraged to visit a hospital right after a collision just to be sure you are free of serious injuries you may not feel right away. It is always best to address injuries as soon as possible.
After you have checked yourself out, you should file a claim with a personal injury attorney and follow up with a spine specialist who accepts personal injury cases to receive any necessary further treatment. If your pain continues for a prolonged period, your physician should request that you take MRI tests which are much more thorough than X-rays. This helps your doctor diagnose your problem accurately.

Treatments for back injuries are numerous as the treatment you receive depends on the type of injury that is discovered. Massage therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management, and even surgery may be necessary to resolve your back pain. Schedule a consultation with a spine surgeon to discuss the latest surgical methods when conventional treatments fail.


In the case of a serious car accident, seeking medical treatment for severe injuries is a huge strain on your income that affects the family you keep afloat. When it comes to surgery, things start to get really expensive. The cost of neck and back surgery coupled with the costs of the other treatments you may try before deciding you need surgery in the first place, plus lost wages and property damage from the wreck can leave you in a deep financial hole. The best way to help recover these costs is to file a personal injury claim with an attorney who can negotiate with the insurance companies of the drivers involved. By filing a successful claim, you can receive compensation for medical bills, property damage, and more.

Take a look at your current auto insurance policy and if it’s not too late, think about changing your current coverage so that it covers more expenses. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for car insurance:

Type of policy: The basic policy only covers what is legally required by the state. Do not purchase the basic policy if you want real protection under a serious circumstance.

PIP Coverage: Opt for PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, coverage as it specifically covers medical bills and lost wages. Go for at least $250,000 worth of coverage if you want your insurance to make a dent in your bills. There are options usually in increments of $15,000/ $50,000/ $75,000/ and $150,000; however, these may not be enough for a real serious accident.

Tort Option: Choose the “no limitation on lawsuit” or “no threshold” option when purchasing a policy. At the time of purchase, you are required to elect a tort option that determines if you if you have the right to make a claim in the case of an accident. By purchasing a basic policy you are surrendering to the “limitation on lawsuit” option, or the verbal threshold. What this does is limit your ability to make a claim for monetary damages or file a lawsuit against a careless driver unless sustain a permanent injury or die as a result of the careless driving.

Liability Coverage: In the event that you and your family are sued by another driver, you can protect yourself by purchasing liability insurance. A standard policy, which is not the most basic one, provides liability insurance with minimum limits of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident if you or anyone in your family is sued. There are options for even more coverage.

Uninsured/ Underinsured: This coverage ensures that in the event that you and/ or a family member are injured in an accident while the other driver is uninsured, underinsured, or commits a hit-and-run, you are covered.

When you need to cut costs, don’t start by selecting the cheapest auto insurance policies. If you ever do find yourself in a serious accident and suffering from severe injuries, you are going to regret skimping on insurance coverage. The real expenses come when your insurance benefits and legal rights are compromised by poor coverage.

If you experience back or neck pain following an auto collision there’s a significant chance you are suffering from a back or neck injury. Consult with a personal injury attorney right away and make an appointment with one of our New Jersey spine centers. Call 973-538-4444 and get yourself looked at. We would also be happy to connect you to one of our skilled personal injury attorneys.